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Community and Content Guidelines

Bibbit strives to create a community that fosters creativity. We’d like to let people express themselves in an open forum context. This respect for freedom of speech entails the possibility of encountering content which may offend you or with which you may disagree. If you find content that you believe should be labelled as Mature or that contains Prohibited Content (see below), email us at help@bibbit.com.


Mature Content

When publishing a mature story, we require that you toggle the “Mature” button in the story information. Mature stories are intended for users 17 and up and may be rated Mature if they have:

     • Graphic violence

     • Sex scenes

     • Self-harm

Mature content is allowed on Bibbit.


Prohibited Content

The following is not allowed on Bibbit.

     • Certain Sexual Content

Stories, and other media, that exist purely for sexual stimulation, encourage or promote non-consensual sex, contain illegal sex acts including, but not limited to, sexual content between characters younger than 16. According to US federal law, the minimum age of consent is 16.

Bibbit is not to be used for sexual solicitation or messages.

     • Hate and Extremism

We will not allow content that encourage violence or hate including individual or group acts of violence or hate such as terrorism, racial supremacy, and harassment.

     • Self-Harm

As an aside, if you are struggling with thoughts of self-harm, please reach out to the wonderful people at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. They may be reached globally at 1-800-273-8255.

Content that encourages or instructs on self-harm is not allowed. You may write about self-harm if you are do not glorify it and instead promote healthy discussion about the issue such as stories about recovery and the negative consequences of self-harm.

     • Spam

Do not advertise products or services unrelated to Bibbit.


Dislike Button

This feature, available on the homepage covers and on book description pages, allows you to tailor content to your preferences. Authors will not see dislikes and we do not display the number of dislikes a story receives anywhere on the site. For example, if you consistently dislike stories from a certain genre or that contain certain tags, we will display similar stories to you less as the site’s content grows.