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United Kingdom, UK
I'm a simple person with simple tastes but passionate about what I like etc. Currently Mastermind for the fanfic project that is Code Geass: Liar's Dice. Which will be a prequel to the Japanese animation series Code Geass.
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Roanapur Connection

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The familiar tale of world powers: where one falls, another is prepared to take its place. But, this shift in dominance finds the living squatting within the city of the dead. Times have changed and the fates of millions rests in the hands of the few. They must band together or face a dark age this world has never seen. Coverart by KiraLNG.


Let's Dance

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This is a two part one-shot that is part of the upcoming fic, Code Geass: Liar's Dice. It focuses on two main characters from the fic. Written by dear friend RingoPerkov and written/edited by myself as well. This one-shot explores the relationship between two people in the LGBTQ community, who during a time where many on the rainbow found themselves battling on many fronts. Legal for them to be in a relationship, but not to marry. A time where coming out had stigmas in many ways.