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2 years ago
I just published a collection of short stories and poetry, written mostly in the past 10 years. Some of my works feature strong language and sensitive subject matter. I approach subjects (and issues) with care, and with a sense of responsibility, and I never intend them to be gratuitous. I hope you will read them with that in mind.
2 years ago
I am most attracted to Modernism and Post Modernism, and "enjoy" the contrast of reading dystopian fiction while living in a world that seems to be heading in that direction. I write with these things in mind, with these things occupying my mind.
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Published Stories

Forcing Curtains

todd franklin osborn 6838 0

A collection of short stories and poems of varying lengths, exploring themes of knowledge, afterlives (or alternate lives), sexual deviance, Love, responsibility, subjective perspective, mental health, and more. Some material is unsuitable for young readers.



How Life Means

annekathleen 7300 1

A young woman begins to think about life, love, and sex differently than before.